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To be the most trusted and best provider of professional English Language Learning Solutions.


To provide the highest-quality training; the most caring and professional individual service and innovative English language programs in order to exceed customers’ needs and expectations.

To sustain the company’s growth by creating the highest levels of professionalism and on-going, collaborative environment for employees.

Through hard work, dedication, and a distinctive curriculum, CELS provides you with the very best of English learning experiences.


We strongly believe that all clients deserve the opportunity to demonstrate excellent use of English and that all students can and will succeed when they are given optimal support and guidance.

Our Program provides clients with specific needs, and the opportunity to develop use of English with supplemental support. Our commitment to meeting their needs is further supported by our experienced trainers, updated materials, and motivational learning.


Operation and Marketing Division

Ira Ramadhani
Ira RamadhaniCorporate and Marketing Manager
Christi Sinaga
Christi SinagaTraining Project Executive
Melissa Sebayang
Melissa SebayangAccount Executive
Adi Wira Kusumo
Adi Wira KusumoSenior Training Consultant Officer
Armedi Harahap
Armedi HarahapMarketing Executive
Alifah Rahma
Alifah RahmaAccount Officer
Christian Gea
Christian GeaScheduling Officer
Christian Wandik
Christian WandikLogistic Officer

Invoicing and Payment Division

JantiSenior Advisor on Invoicing and Payment Division
Asa Virdissa
Asa VirdissaInvoicing and Payment Officer