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Welcome to CELS Indonesia

Complete English Language Solutions (CELS) is an English language training service with more than 15 years of experience and aims to advance the understanding of English through the cultural approach of our native speakers.

CELS is ready to assist students in developing English proficiency according to their students' needs both in the scope of work and in order to face global competition. By using reliable and proven lessons, this training focuses on communicative use of English.


Growing With CELS

CELS has more than 15 years experience in delivering quality English training.

CELS has grown to become one of the leading English training service providers and trusted by many well-known companies and multinationals in Indonesia. By promoting active communicative integrity, CELS manages to realize the learning of English in a way that is favored by students.

CELS has trainers, learning materials and experience to prepare students for the challenges of fast-pased business. CELS believes that every institution or company has the opportunity to apply English well. With this, CELS is committed to realizing all clients needs in English by implementing the comprehensive support of experienced trainers, the latest materials, and enjoyable learning to help motivate it students.


CELS uses a communicative, interactive, motivating, and student-centered approachment

The adoption of this communicative method not only facilitates the students but also increases the students' dedication to learning English.

By applying a communicative approach, CELS assists students in improving their fluency and able to apply English in their daily activities. This communicative approach is applied in training 4 basic skills namely;

  1. Ability to speak to improve self-confidence and fluency in English.
  2. Writing ability to improve understanding in using Language formally & informal, and know the right vocabulary to be applied in a particular industry field.
  3. The listening ability to train students in capturing specific information and understanding the key ideas of the conversation.
  4. Reading ability to help students master three reading styles; scanning, skimming & read in detail in various media such as emails, letters, articles or reports.

CELS uses the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language) in measuring English proficiency

The international recognized CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) is the standard level used to describe a person`s English proficiency. The CEFR aims to ensure the results of a person`s English proficiency assessment is in accordance with international standards. There are 6 levels in CEFR:

Our Values


Placement Test

Aims to know the English proficiency of prospective students to be placed according to the level. This test consists of a written test and a speaking test that lasts approximately 1 hour.


Academic Recommendations

Recommendation of placement test results for each student which are made by the academic team as a reference for class formation.


Class Starts

Once there is an agreement, then the class will be opened and the training begins.


Routine Evaluation

During the class, our team will always evaluate and report regularly until the class is over.

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